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tv   Ten O Clock News on KTVU  FOX  July 30, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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that big wildfire near clear lake has now grown to more than 13,000 acres as fire fighting crews work to try to
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accomplish containment lines. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. this a very terrifying time for those who were evacuated as they hope that crews can save their homes. in just the last 30 hours, it has already court -- already scorched more than 30,000 acres. we go to debora villalon who has the latest. >> reporter: we're at the evacuation center tonight. there are a few dozen people spending the night here. the numbers they're hearing is discouraging. the fire grew 7,000 acres. that's nearly no line around it at all. from sky fox the rocky fire is heavy brush and timber. there hasn't been a fire here in many years so it is overgrown, crackling dry from
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the drought. ripe and ready to burn. when it started residents had no idea it would get so big so fast. >> i said look there's a fire i turn around and there is a fire. she went in there and called 911. >> reporter: the fire exploded to thousands of acres early on helping dozens of homes to evacuate. >> once our firefighters can get a break from what they're doing right now. get control of this fire then they can go back and recoop and see what has happened. >> reporter: calfire will get a better handle of it. on the second evening, winds kicked up again and the sky was abuzz with helicopter dropping water. california national guard choppers are now helping with the fire fight. right now there's more chasing of the fire than containing it. >> firefighters are trying to contain the structures for the people who live within these areas. the fire is moving so fast they
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can't keep up with it a lot of the times. >> we are looking to protect the homes. >> reporter: dozer operators are on the ridges cutting the fire line. in triple digit heat and choking smoke it's dangerous and exhausting but they say satisfying to make such a tangible difference. >> we just try to do what works. help put these fires out the best we can. >> reporter: do you enjoy it? >> well, yes, ma'am. i've always done this sort of thing it runs in the family. >> reporter: the cause of this fire is undetermined. at the point of origin, calfire has evidence markers and an active investigation under way. evacuees have been told not to except to get any write near their homes. it's tough not knowing if their properties are okay. >> i don't know. because they won't let us out there and if we do try to get out there they stop us. you know they say, it's dangerous. so i can understand that. we're just praying that everything is okay.
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>> what's going to happen if it comes down here either way. all we're going to do is bring it out to here and we're going to put it out. that's how we protect the house. >> reporter: we caught up with the san francisco firefighters up here lending a hand today. there are about a thousand firefighters on this one. engines rolling all over. even from as far away as southern california. the latest word from calfire says that evacuations could widen to include clear lake oaks. that's because the rocky fire is burning in a northern direction. it's burning toward highway 20 and if it not only gets to the fire line and jumps it, clear lake could be the next community affected. homes, boats and vehicles are being threatened. the fire broke out on brandon island road south of isleton. the fire is now out but it did
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a lot of damage. it started about 4:30 this afternoon in some brush and trees behind a mobile home park it's right next to the marina. the winds spread the flames in a hurry and at least seven of the mobile homes are now gone. police say they quickly tried to get out of harms way. people tried to get out of harms way as several propane tanks exploded. >> there was a propane near by. we had to get out quick. get away from it. >> reporter: crews from both solano and sacramento battled the fire. tonight they're on the scene. no word on what caused the brush and trees to catch fire in the first place. bill martin on how changes conditions may help firefighters in the coming days. >> conditions have helped a lot already. we have temperatures that have dropped from 10 to 15 degrees
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today. humidities came out. triple what they were this time. you can see the marin layer pushing in. increasing the humidity and dropping the temperatures. it's also picked up the winds from the fire near the mobile homes there. the winds were blowing pretty strong. forecast on the fire line up at the wragg fire or rocky fire. you're going to see 72 degrees tomorrow. but look at the humidity 50%. at lunchtime 90. it's 97 degrees at 5:00. humidity is about 22%. seems really bad but nothing like it was two days ago when the fire started. weather conditions helping firefighters. when i come back. something that may not help firefighters is a chance for thunderstorms that are back in the forecast. we'll talk about that after the break. the ktvu weather team has you covered around the clock. you can find bill's forecast online including twitter and facebook. the man who died today in the custody of san francisco
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police has now been identified. 57-year-old filimoma reyala died this morning after he was involved in a traffic accident. police also say that he was wanted in sonoma county for beating up a 97-year-old man overnight who was under his care. after he assaulted that man he drove a light blue honda odyssey van to san francisco where he rear ended a bmw. he then asked aggressive against the bmw driver then tried to assault two female officers that arrived at the scene. greg suhr says that's when royala had trouble breathing and died. >> i viewed a video of the scene that we have. and it appears that the officers used a reasonable amount of force until he was able to, till they were able to
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get him handcuffs then they stopped. >> reporter: both injured officers have been released from the hospital. both of the officers who had contact with the officers have been placed on administrative leave which are standard procedure. thousands of people came to oracle to witness a very emotional funeral service honoring scott lunger. the father of two was described as a warrior. a friend and a sheep dog who died protecting his flock. ktvu's ken wayne shows us why one of the mourners said there wasn't a dry eye in the house. >> reporter: led by an honor guard, the casket carrying the body of scott lunger was escorted into the arena. fellow officers spoke of a warrior, a training lead
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leader, a mentor. >> scott was good at what he did. every day scott was eager to get out on the street right away and would say, what are we doing today boys. he would let us on the hunt day after day. let's just say during those years, scu recovered more guns off the street of hayward than ever. >> he was ethical, he was driven, he was funny, he was stubborn. boy he was stubborn. scott was absolutely wonderful. >> reporter: paul spoke of how his newborn son with the big ears grew into a gangly teenager that then worked as an electrician before deciding at age 30 to become a cop. >> we talked about his concern about safety a lot and you always said dad don't worry. when it's your time to go you can't do a thing about it.
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it's in god's hands. >> reporter: then his daughter sarah lynn spoke wearing her father's shirt. >> even though the pain of missing him will never go away. i know that my mom, my sister and my family will survive this. because we were the luckiest people in the world to have him in our life, a warrior. >> reporter: older sister ashton wondered about a future without her father who won't be there to share special moments. >> but most of all, i didn't know who is going to walk me down the aisle or love on my kids that are going to be too dam cute to put down. >> reporter: and lunger's brother talked about his younger brother who followed in his footsteps but that has now changed. >> well little brother, the tables have turned. it is your big brother who know looks up to you. >> reporter: near the end of the ceremony, hayward police
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chief presented the flag from lunger's coffin to the family. representatives of law enforcement agencies from california and across the nation attended today's service. they came together at times, they come together at times like this. but as ktvu's noelle walker found out many people who never met scott lunger also wanted to say goodbye and thank him for his service. on his final ride, sergeant scott lunger was not alone. many lined the streets some for hours. >> he was a marine just like me. >> reporter: departments from the bay area and beyond. >> marched into oracle arena. a thin blue line stretched as far as the eye could see. >> this is a show of strength,
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show of numbers that we're all one family. >> bring back memories. members of my department you know, we were doing this last year. >> reporter: scenes so many law enforcement gatheredded in one place for this some her reason is a stark reminder. the uniform comes with adherent danger. the badge sometimes a target. the job sometimes the ultimate sacrifice. >> this is a dangerous job. it's a dangerous job. >> reporter: you don't need to wear a badge and a blue uniform to know that. >> and i know personally i've had butterflies in my stomach for days and days. >> reporter: sergeant lunger's softball team is also mourning the loss of one of theirs. when we honor sacrifice we're
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bound together by uniform, by family. >> thank you. >> reporter: and by community. >> it's a sense of gratitude for every time they put their lives on the line. >> reporter: one last fly over, one last tribute. and one last goodbye. >> i pay my respect and my salute to him. he died as a hero. >> reporter: in oakland, noelle walker, ktvu fox 2 news. hayward police and a message of gratitude today to sheriff deputies and highway patrol officers thanking them for covering their shifts in hayward during the funeral. the tweets ended with quote, lunger loved working with ya. and our coverage continues online with more video and photos and on ktvu channel 2,
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you tube channel. we have posted clips of today's service including some of the memorable tributes to officer lunger. a look at the 15-year-old accused of killing an 8-year- old girl and why prosecutors say he cannot get a life sentence without parol. temperatures have been trending now. now the humidity is going to trend down. it's going to feel real hot tomorrow in some neighborhoodless. i'll -- neighborhoods, we'll have all the details tomorrow in weather. and b.a.r.t. is preparing for its biggest shutdown. why there could be a larger spill over effect in the area.
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we're now less than 36 hours away from a closure of b .a.r.t.'s transbay tube connecting the east bay to san francisco. no b.a.r.t. trains will be running underneath the bay all weekend long to accommodate a major maintenance project. ktvu's jana katsuyama live in the city tonight at the embarcadero station. >> reporter: now all of this is going to cause a lot of problems. those ridings ridings -- riders will have to look for ferries, buses, and that could cause problems for anyone
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trying to get around this weekend. on any given day, b.a.r.t. shuttles thousands of people across the bay. so shutting it down is not going to be easy for anyone. >> this weekend i was thinking about heading down into the city. so i'm not going to anymore. >> having b.a.r.t. shut down on saturday, sunday that's going to be a big problem. >> reporter: this b.a.r.t. rider has no car. >> one of the tires fell off of it. >> reporter: but like many people, he's trying to keep some perspective and his sense of humor. >> i'm going to have to probably swim. >> reporter: signs are posted about the closure saturday through sunday night. and a second closure labor day weekend. >> we are replacing a very essential component to our track. it is really one of the most expensive sections of track of the entire system. >> reporter: which allows trains to switch over to a parallel track if there's a delay inside the tube.
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right now trains must come to a stop and wait causing more delays because the cross over is too worn down to use. the b.a.r.t. station will also be shut down over the weekend. riders will be able to take a shuttle trillion there to the 19th street station which will serve as the east bay hub for b.a.r.t.'s bus bridge. 94 buses are ready to transport people to the transbay terminal. from there, b.a.r.t. riders can ride to the embarcadero station. >> it's got to be doing. it's going to be an inconvenience to some folks but i'd rather be safe than be stuck in a tunnel some where. >> reporter: system wide, b.a.r.t. is trying to increase their service on the other lines and there will be extra ferry service running this weekend. ac frederik -- ac transit will also have their -- >> is there a chance that it
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could open earlier if they finish their work ahead of schedule. >> reporter: it is a big possibility. they're going to take advantage of that to do other painting and maintenance work. it's a rare time that they do a shut down. we'll see if they open it up any earlier. >> just my luck. i'm heading into the city sunday morning. i think i'll give myself a lot of extra time. thank you. the ktvu app will help you navigate the closure. it's available for your smart phone and tablet. it might be some time before it is known if debris found is that of malaysian plane 370. part of the suitcase was also found. the possible wing flap is being
10:20 pm
september now to france where experts will determine if it came from the missing plane. malaysian flight 370 vanished 16 months ago without a trace after taking off with 239 people on board. >> we're all longing and waiting so much for any sort of news that is you know valid. but when we get it i think it's going to be another emotional roller coaster as well. the planes disappearance led through a massive search across thousands of miles of ocean. investigators say because of the great distances, the debris may not help much in determining how or where the plane went down. tracking that cool down. you noticed it today. tomorrow a lot of subtropical moisture. humidity is coming into our area. it already is. spawned big thunderstorms in los angeles. will trigger thunderstorms in the west slope of the sierra nevada probably on friday and saturday. and could bring us a stray
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shower. the thing most of us will note is that increased humidity. the fire is coming in at the coast. a lot of us had fog this morning, same deal again tomorrow morning. temperatures dropped a good 10, 15 degrees today. highs tomorrow will be a little bit cooler as well. current numbers depict the temperatures. the cool moist air pushing into the bay. we have a good influx of air 72 in walnut creek. you can see it coming in and cooling things off. certainly when you increase the humidities. winds out in fairfield are blowing a brisk 31-miles-an- hour or gusting 31-miles-an- hour. gusts are ushering cool air in. so everybody is cooling down. that's good for the firefighters, that's good for everyone getting around. you see where it's coming from. it's wrapping around. it's coming up from the south. here's the fog along the coast. lots of cloud cover. partly cloudy, partly sunny
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tomorrow. highs still triple digit. around here we're going to see lots of low 90s. this cooling trend continues into the weekend. that chance of showers as well. so i'll talk about that when we see you next. >> coming up here, signs of change in one of san francisco's oldest neighborhoods. at 10:30, the red flags that some say they're seeing in a community that is rich with tradition. >> the giants make a move picking up a right-handed pitcher ahead of tomorrow's trade deadline. mark ibanez runs down the deal later in sports. protesters form a blockade trying to keep a ship from tkpwáeting to a drilling site. -- from getting to a drilling site.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids.
10:24 pm
they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. green peace protesters staged a blockade in portland
10:25 pm
oregon. but they could not stop a ship from going to -- it slipped under the st. john's bridge where protesters were dangling over the water. other green peace members paddled kayaks trying to keep the ships from leaving. shell has a deplorable record on the environment, they say. a judge fined green peace $70,000 for the blockade. the 15-year-old boy charged of killing an 8-year-old was seen before the court today. the d.a. is charging the boy and seeking -- >> reporter: the 15-year-old answering to murder, kidnapping and sexual assault charges in
10:26 pm
the death of 8-year-old madyson middleton. >> you can discuss that situation with your counsel. >> reporter: authorities say the teen lured maddy into his apartment at the tannery arts center sunday where she was tied up, sexually assaulted and killed. her body later found in a large recycling bin in the parking garage. >> this case is extremely tragic and devastating to two families. the tannery arts community and many more people in this county and beyond. >> reporter: santa cruz county defender larry biggum says he needs more time to gather the facts in the defense. the d.a.'s office plans to try him as an adult. >> the penalties that he's facing are life sentences. life without the possibility of parol is not something that you can seek for a juvenile. >> reporter: they would not comment on any specific evidence nor gonzalez' mental state. >> he was never a frightening
10:27 pm
person. he never was aggressive. >> reporter: kit knew gonzalez in middle school and said that he showed signs of depression back then. something seen in some of gonzalez facebook posts. >> he did threaten suicide but it never became anything serious. but i never thought he would do something like this. >> reporter: his attorney would not comment on how he's doing. in santa cruz. i'm azenith smith, ktvu news. the charges are mounting against a former camp counselor in santa clara county who's accused of child molestation. edgar cuvarrubias worked at a camp. he was arrested in may after authorities found several hundred images and video of child pornography on his
10:28 pm
personal computer and phone. he appeared in court where he was charged with two additional counts of lewd or lascivious acts with a child under the age of 13. a plea hearing was scheduled for september. a 28-mile swim to the farelons abandoned. san francisco china town is a historical place facing new challenges. the fight to preserve its identity.
10:29 pm
10:30 pm
new at 10:00, signs of change in one of san francisco's oldest neighborhood and some says it has them worried. china town has long been a magnet for immigrants but some are now saying that gentryification and the high tech boom are threatening to
10:31 pm
drive out long term residents. amber lee is in china town tonight after speaking to people on both sides the issue. amber. >> reporter: frank, here along grant avenue there are plenty of familiar souvenir shops and restaurants but some say changes that are coming and the changes that have already occurred could change what china town represents. >> reporter: san francisco china town is a place where culture and history are on full display. and there's what's called the china town area town in place to protect that identity. but the neighborhood is facing new challenges. including rising rents. empty store fronts, and evictions of low income tenant. >> so what we're seeing is early red flags. >> reporter: red flags which some community leaders say include long time busies including the impressive china restaurant shutting down. hotels being used for more lucrative rentals. >> we used to see them go for
10:32 pm
$600 a month. if you can get $150 a night, what are you up against. >> reporter: speaking in cantoneese an older woman shares a letter she got today. that the building that her and her family lives in is now being sold. they pay about $500 a month for a single room. >> china town is dying right now. >> reporter: some say 25-year- old jenny chan cofounder of 1920c a space that offers space, is what is needed. >> i lived very close by. that's why i wanted to have a community oriented space. >> reporter: but critics say the building is not zoned for
10:33 pm
the type of business chan is running and that it violates the plan. >> i feel hurt as a community member. >> we really want to protect the town to be an immigrant gateway for immigrants but also for low income people that need a place that's affordable in this city. >> reporter: jenny chan's space was empty for eight years before she opened up her business. she says she now is waiting for a a decision from the council. sinbad is now closing. the jury voted in favor of the request that sinbad pay more than $70,000 in back rent. the restaurant could seek a stay from an appeals court that would allow it to remain open through the end of this year. the threat of a shark attack forced a bay area man to
10:34 pm
abandon a record making swim to the faralons island. he wanted to be the first one to do it from the island to san francisco. he was almost going to make it before his support crew spotted a shark. >> you see on my neck i have some shaffing. that was bleeding quite bad at that time. >> and his wife was also on the boat and she said, this will be his first and last time to attempt? we move into the month of august with events for music lovers. >> we head into august with a
10:35 pm
fun schedule of events in the area. sports action friday night in san jose and oakland. the a's begin a series against the cleveland indians at the coliseum. that starts at 6:30. and the san somewhere se saber cats take on the rattlers at apc center that's at 7:30. also friday night tease your hair into an 80s frizz to catch spandau ballet. they're performing their classic hits. the show starts at 7:30. a performance that makes you think about race. notes from the field. doing time in education. takes the stage at the berkeley repratory theater. and enjoy the arts festival. you can spend the night with the lions and tigers and bears at the san francisco zoo. it's a family sleep over, you will get close to the animals but you won't get to cuddle
10:36 pm
with the koala as your pillow. sunday might be your last chance to enjoy a fresh corn dog this summer. the sonoma county fair is wrapping up at the fairgrounds in santa rosa. soccer action sunday night at avia stadium as the san jose earthquakes take on the timbers. i'm ken wayne and that's your weekend watch. coming up here, a british singer says he was groped at sfo. how the tsa is responding tonight. the accusations by moresi. talk about that increase in humidity on your friday. as we head into the weekend. temperatures are going to trend down. i will let you know which day on the weekend is going to be your warmest and is there really going to be a chance for thunderstorms. we'll see you in weather. up first the former university of cincinnati police officer charged with murder is now free on bail.
10:37 pm
how his attorney is defending his actions.
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a former university of cincinnati police officer is free tonight after posting $1 million bail in a case involving the fatal shooting of a motorist. 25-year-old ray penceing wore striped jail clothing as he pleaded not guilty to murder. he's accused of killing 43-year- old samuel dubose after stopping him for a missing license plate on july 19. a body camera recorded the deadly shooting. tensing's attorney said his client acted in self-defense. prosecutors don't see it that way and call the shooting unwarranted and senseless. allegations by singers moresi that he was groped. he claims he was flying out of san francisco on monday when he
10:40 pm
was sexually assaulted by a tsa officer. he says the officer crouched in front of him and grabbed his crouch. the tsa issued a statement saying upon review of the closed circuit tv footage, tsa determined that the supervised officer followed standard operating procedures in the screening of this individual. former president george h.w. bush is poking fun at himself in a tweet about his fractured back. the 91-year-old former president posted a photo of himself in a neck brace with two thumbs up. he said who knew jumping out of planes was safer than getting out of bed. he fell out of his bed and cracked a vertebrae. that's after making a tandem jump. doctors say his spine will heal in a few months. a man is recovering after
10:41 pm
getting a kidney after finding a donor in a very strange way. we brought you his story after his wife found a kidney donor through her weight loss support group. obinyon and his donor are said to be doing well tonight. changes in the weather aheard tonight our chief meteorologist bill martin with the humidity you're going to notice and his forecast for the weekend. >> success at bringing water. california has reason to celebrate and some bay area communities are doing even better.
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
state water officials say californians are doing their part to save water during the drought. water use for the entire state dropped 27.3% in june. that's more than the 25% mandate made by governor brown. and ktvu's tom vacar show us that some people in the bay area are conserving but even so
10:44 pm
they're still keeping their grass green. >> reporter: the state need an overall savings of 25% from june through february to avoid further cuts. each district has been assigned its same goal based on past conservation efforts. example, the contra costa must achieve a 28% savings. >> our customers saved 40% for the month of june. so they definitely exceeded the goals. >> reporter: besides backing away from the tap. many of the water district customers are also customers from the central contra costa sanitary district. such adds julie cart. that's because she gets unlimited free recycled water from the sanitary district. >> i know since june 20th i haven't used my irrigation system strictly by getting water from here.
10:45 pm
>> reporter: nonetheless, cart has the greenest lawn. >> me and my son come here up to six times a week. >> there's people who come here as many as 10 times. >> reporter: last month june we did 4.9 million-gallons through this program. already in july we've exceeded that and we haven't even made it to the epd -- to the end of the month. >> reporter: the supply of water is unlimited. >> every day our discharges 30 million-gallons of water that could be recycled into sassoon bay. >> reporter: despite this overwhelming response only a tiny handful of california water and sanitary districts offer free recycled water. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. on wall street stocks closed the session mostly flat.
10:46 pm
the dow lost five, the nasdaq added 17. and the s & p500 was flat. the government said the u.s. committee growth accelerated in the second quarter by 2.3%. temperatures down a few degrees today. five to 10 even 15 in some places. these are the numbers it was 99 in antioch. still pretty hot there. 94 in fairfield. 94 in concord. high temperatures tomorrow. maybe a couple of degrees cooler than this. the fog and low clouds pushing inland. here's what's changing. if you look down south you see all this moisture heading from the desert southwest. as we do we have a shot for a sprinkle or shower as we head into friday or saturday. in the inland bay valleys but mainly in the lake tahoe area. i think it's going to go off up there. big thunderstorms most likely. current temperatures you will see are green. that's the cool moist air
10:47 pm
blowing in off the pacific. the winds in fairfield blowing 30, 32-miles-an-hour. all this cooling and all this moisture impacting beginning to impact the fire zones. the rocky fire, the wragg fire and other fires across the state. livermore started out pretty darn hot on wednesday. it's dropped down a few degrees today. and it will continue to plummet as we go into friday and saturday. i'm not going to say plummet. 95 is still hot. it's been hot around here. temperatures trending down. bay area microclimates. note the high clouds over head. note the humidity. even though temperatures are trending down. the humidity is going to trend up. so it's going to feel pretty hot. especially inland. around the bay and at the coast it's going to be a lot like it was yesterday where the high is going to be lingering. the way they works, one spins like this. the low. it just grabs that moisture and pulls it up. it wouldn't be hard to get a big thunderstorms out of this. this is the pattern that will develop that and so sacramento,
10:48 pm
roseville, grass valley. the foothill communities have a really good chance for some significant thunderstorms as we head into friday and saturday. so we're tracking that. as that happens some of that moisture could swing our way. that's why there's a chance of a shower around here. here comes the humidity. there's more humidity. there's the thunderstorms tomorrow night. then you see the humidity kind of move out on saturday. there's your fog. and there's your saturday with a few more -- saturday afternoon with a few more thundershowers up in the mountains. forecast highs tomorrow. 87 in fairfield. that's significant reduction in temperatures there. 92 in brownwood. nice looking day for your friday. this week flew by. temperatures have gradually dropped and it is interesting. remember this next time you have a two or three day of heat. it just starts to pop and we experienced that this week with that. >> that is so true. >> there's like seven or eight fires burning around the state right now all in northern california. >> and it's hard on
10:49 pm
firefighters. the resources get spread so thin. >> so true. >> the one up by clear lake. 13,000acres. >> and growing. >> and only 5% contained. >> thank you, bill. sports coming up in three minutes plus a shot in the arm for technology that would give us an early warning of an earthquake. ♪ ♪ ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... ♪ [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪
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an early warning system is moving forward thanks to a grant from the us geological service. scientists say a few questions of warning can be enough time to stop a commuter train, open fire house doors or simply duck, cover and hold. the usgs says a test system provided a new second warning to san francisco last year when the 6.0 napa quake hit. the estimated cost for the
10:52 pm
entire project costs $1.5 million. let's talk about the giants. big trade, get a new pitcher and the big question is what is this going to mean for the rotation. >> the big game coming up and the giants were wondering if they were going to get into this thing and they will. not overly splashy or expensive but perhaps just what they need to get over the hump. after all you can always use pitching. and he's won nine games over all but in his last four starts he's 4-0 with a 0.4 era. to get him the giants give up plugging minor league first baseman duval and kerry mela a single a. pitcher. also take note.
10:53 pm
madison baumgartner, mike leak is one of the number one hitting pitchers. that's most by any pitcher. he can swing it a little bit. the big kahuna. he winds up going to toronto. the daunting lefty has won nine so far with detroit and he'll be a free agent this winter as well. and tulowisky to reel him in. they had a look of a team that checked out. athletics has as many hits as they did errors. two plays and like they were kind of double parked as the great vince sculley said. they were quick. they were also cute. too cute. he might get traded. chris bassett solid. deserves better. michael brantley with the base
10:54 pm
hit. bolt lets it get under his glove. instead of second and third, francisco lendor scores. carlos santana deep and gone. that's all bassett will allow. nice catch up there. what is brent lawry thinking about. i have all day to double him off. that's a little example of how it went. it is carlos carrasco with a complete game. two hitter. his 11th win. i'm optimistic that the optimism surrounding the raiders this season seems to have some bases in reality this year. not just the preseason hipurbely. checking into the facility. they won't have to take the field until tomorrow but back
10:55 pm
to the reason to get upbeat about the raiders. that would be omare cooper out of alabama. every report on him uplifting and the greatest receiver of all time jerry rice says cooper reminds him a little of raiders hall of famer tame brown. it doesn't bother the rookie a bit. >> it makes me feel great just to be compared to a player who's going to the hall of fame. >> are you after the pressure to deliver? >> i don't really feel any pressure to deliver. at all. >> he's pretty calm. mean while the best golf we've seen out of tiger in months and it still leaves him far more than a club's length. i'm sure he's happen they're back in the 60s in the tournament he hosts. that would be the quick and loan event. he bogeys one of the three holes he faced. four straight birdies wound up 3-under 68 with a nice birdie
10:56 pm
putt. this young man, ishikawa at number four. par three. 179yards. can't do it much better than this. watch it roll and that's an ace. 8-under 63 with gustan. the tiger five back. that is the sporting life for a thursday night. thank you for joining us this evening for frank and julie i'm mark ibanez. our next newscast mornings on 2 begins at 4:00 a.m. find us on facebook, twitter, and the ktvu app. have a great evening everybody.
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